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What does one aspire to look like? Many aspire to look like the celebrities that they see on the TV screens by flaunting the leather jackets worn by them. We offer a whole new range of stylish and trendy jackets which adds to the factor of glamor and the allure of the movie stars. The glitz and glamor associated with them is best translated by the jackets we craft. At Celebrities Jackets.com we use high quality synthetic leather to stitch your dreams into reality. No matter who your favorites are, we make sure to tailor your attire as per your specifications. Whether it’s Brad Pitt from the movie ‘Fight Club’ or Peter Fonda from ‘Captain America, ’you name it and we have it. The jackets may also have a shirt style collar with studded or cuffed sleeves. If you are bored of wearing the same traditional style of jacket and may also tailor it to look like a long coat. The pockets can either be on the front or on the inside with branded front closure zipper. The jacket may also have certain detailing either at the back or the front with the colored thread of your choice. We provide supreme quality stitching along with free delivery to the states around the United States of America, while delivery charges are to be paid if you are located out of the areas that we cover.